1. Austin Carlile- Of Mice and Men

    Vans Warped Tour- July 21st

  2. andreaibarraphoto:

    David Schmitt- Breathe Carolina

    Vans Warped Tour, Holmdel NJ


  3. andreaibarraphoto:

    Vans Warped Tour- Holmdel, NJ

    Photos coming soon!

  4. Martin Broda- Abandon All Ships

  5. andreaibarraphoto:

    Tyler “Telle” Smith- The Word Alive

  6. Ben Ferris- Woe, Is Me

  7. Michael Bohn- Woe, Is Me

  8. andreaibarraphoto:

    Daniel Williams- The Devil Wears Prada

  9. andreaibarraphoto:

    Matt Good and Nick Martin- D.R.U.G.S.

  10. andreaibarraphoto:

    Gahh I just love the negative space and sharpness in this photo. Devin Oliver from I See Stars!

  11. andreaibarraphoto:

    Ben Bruce- Asking Alexandria

  12. Cameron Liddell- Asking Alexandria

  13. Alan Ashby- Of Mice and Men

  14. Sleeping With Sirens

  15. Kellin Quinn and Mike Kaabe